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“In the Hood“, Verein zur Förderung soziokultureller Aktivitäten

the hood [noun] : Hood is an English word and refers to a hat or bonnet. When it is used in German youth language, however, it is usually an abbreviation of the English word neighbourhood.

“The hood” can mean many things in English. The district, sisters or brothers, humanity, deities, the status as a victim or simply the cap on the head. The hood is a field of belonging, a marker of identification, a community of destiny.

We are “in the hood” and thus at home in our identity and/or community. Although “under the hood”, which means in depth, we explore the invisible entanglements and connections of our self and our society.

We pursue the goal of monitoring, describing and shaping civil as well as historical processes in Austria and the world. We are involved in the fields of (social) education, science, art and culture. We promote pluralism and democracy, counteracting prejudice and the formation of echo chambers through social and intercultural exchange.

Just like the hoods on your head may change, any kind of “hood” is in a constant process of transformation. Due to our public humanities approach, we are right on board.