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“In the Hood“, Verein zur Förderung soziokultureller Aktivitäten
Library of People

Reduced to their existential essence, messages from different people from all over the world are collected in this extraordinary library. The people are books for us to read in, write on and/or learn from.

We are eager to exhibit the book that is YOU in our library.  Send us action „AT“ inthehood „DOT“ online your video message, filmed in landscape format, a head shot with a single-color background, adequate lighting and without background noise. Inform us about your age and country of origin. . You can mention your profession, if necessary, but we do not accept self-promotion. After all, you are much more than your career.  Please answer the following questions in English, German, French or Spanish (not longer than 30 seconds):

What defines you as a human being? What is your gift for the world?

View sample people-books.

Woman + Hood Vienna

There are many networks for women. But what about the invisible nets which exist in our neighborhood or district? Who has worked the ground before us in which we are taking root today? Which women have left their mark on our district? And who are the women in our neighborhood who ensure that the wheels of everyday life do not stand still? More than half of Vienna’s population is female. But women and men are not equally represented in the city. The role of women in the Austrian capital is to be made tangible with a colorful mosaic of female influence.


Rhetoricum is a real as well as virtual place where people can practice the art of argumentation, discussion, and reflection. Rhetoricum offers introductions to the principles of the Socrates Café and provides support in applying them. Debates on exciting (but neutral) topics, in which you meet discussion partners with whom you might not otherwise have exchanged ideas, break down prejudice and build up understanding.  Confrontation instead of echo chambers, insights instead of judgement are the positive effects of these debates.


Mintegrant is made up of the terms “migrant” and “integration”. Facilitating factors for people with an immigration background, who want to integrate themselves successfully into Austrian society, are explored. On the basis of guided interviews, their stories are woven together in history workshops and used to shed light on different areas of life. The various waves of migration will be compared with each other in order to identify similarities and differences – and of course in order to learn from them.